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Simple AR Project Examples

Posted on 29-03-2021 by MAD Gaze

Below is a list of AR Targets, showcasing demo projects that can be found under the MAD Gaze account



 Simply download Simple AR App at https://simple-ar.madgaze.com/download and scan the AR Target,

you will be able to visualize 3D models augmented in your surroundings.




1. 3D Animals


Put 3D virtual animals in your real-world with Simple AR. Integrated in storybooks, textbooks, or even zoo guide to increase interaction and engagement with your audience.




2. 3D Human Anatomy


Scan to visualize the 3D human anatomy models, explore and interact with the body structure via rotating, zooming, panning. Perfect ideal for student education and training.




3. 3D Car Model


Simple AR allows brands to provide a unique experience that combines real and virtual interactive elements. Turn your traditional 2D product brochure into a AR 3D model to impress your customers.




4. AR Learning


Turn your AR character into a virtual language learning assistant. Build a fun and engaging learning method for your audience with 3D objects, text, and sound.




5. Interior Design


Visualize the interior design and get a better idea of the finished look. Enrich your habitation, share your vision with your clients, partners, or constructors.




6. AR Food Menu


Allow your customers to look at food in a new way. Food menu can be integrated with 3D dishes model and pop up information which greatly improves your customer experience.





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