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Membership & Account Types & Information

Posted on 08-01-2021 by MAD Gaze


We welcome everyone to become a Simple AR creator and share their experience in building AR VR!
Simple AR provides a 14 days free trial account for users to try out the software, but it comes with limited features.




Free: Publish 2 AR/VR projects, allow scanning of 3000 times.

Standard: Publish 25 AR/VR projects, unlimited scans
(register a Free account to access Standard account feature for 14 days, without payment)


Advanced: Publish 50 AR/VR projects, unlimited scans.

Premium: Publish 100 AR/VR projects, unlimited scans.




Please refer to the chart for further information:




Q1: If my free account has expired, what should I do?


A1: Check out our subscription options and choose the one that suits your needs the best!



Q2: If my account has expired, what would happen to my published project?


A2: The projects will automatically set to unpublished, but they will still remain in your account.



Q3: My free account projects come with a watermark, how should I remove it?


A3: Free account comes with watermark and it cannot be removed.



Q4: Any special package for enterprise or school?


A4: Absolutely, please send us an email at simple-ar@madgaze.com for further information





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