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Uploading Files

Posted on 11-01-2021 by MAD Gaze


There are times when you need to upload a file to Simple AR for your project building.
This tutorial covers a few scenarios of uploading files and assets to Simple AR Creator.



1. Upload AR Target (Marker)


2. Upload customized project thumbnail


3. Upload asset (image, 3D model, video, audio & panorama)




Upload AR Target (Marker):


An AR project can be built base on an AR Target (Marker)


Start a new project by clicking on the Add projects button




Select AR > AR Target   




Then click the Upload button to upload a new AR Target, or select a pre-upload AR Target among the list.




You can too upload and manage your AR Target in the resource windows and resource panel when you are already working on your project.



1. You can access the target management window by clicking Resources -> Target on the upper left corner windows panel.




2. You too can access the target management panel at the resource panel on the left, by clicking the Target button.




Upload customized project thumbnail:


Click on the Default Image button on the right to upload a customized thumbnail display when starting a new project.




Upload asset (image, 3D model, video, audio & panorama):


You can upload various types of assets, including images, 3D models, videos, audio, panorama resource, and even link Youtube video URLs into Simple AR
Below are the format requirements of each type of resource.


Image: JPG, GIF & PNG (maximum file size 5mb)

3D: FBX (maximum file size 10mb)

Video: MP4 (maximum file size 20mb)

Audio: MP3 & WAV (maximum file size 5mb)

Panorama image: JPG (maximum file size 5mb)

Panorama video: MP4 (maximum file size 20mb)


To upload an asset, click on New Resources + button. Select the desired type of asset you need to upload accordingly from the dropdown list.


Select the file from the directory.




When uploading a 3D model of FBX format, please make sure to check the Embed Media option for FBX export in its respective 3D software.


Example of 3D FBX asset in Simple AR.




3D Model Texture Modes:



After importing a 3D model into Simple AR, you can adjust the texture mode of the 3D model’s accordingly to achieve the result you need.

There are 5 texture modes:



1. Standard: Receives light and shadow, no alpha (solid)



2. Color: Does not receive light and shadow, no alpha (solid), and only plain color texture.
You can change the color of the texture in Simple AR with Color texture mode, simply by picking the tone at the Color column



3. Transparent: Does not receive light and shadow, alpha (transparency) with gradient effect


4. Cutout: Does not receive light and shadow, alpha (transparency) without gradient effect


5. Texture: Does not receive light and shadow, no alpha (transparency) without gradient effect


Texture with alpha (transparency) must be in PNG with the alpha format and pre-mapped to your 3D model before exporting to FBX.
Built-in solid color texturing in 3D software does not work in Simple AR, nor embed in FBX. Therefore please make sure to map your 3D model with a texture file (JPG or PNG) even though it is only supposed in one plain color.



Online Resources:


There might be cases when you do not have any 3D model of your own and you need a simple 3D model urgently. Simple AR provides free 3D models for you to implement in your project.

Simply go to the resource panel and click on the Online Resources button



You will be able to download any model you need from the list without additional charge.



To download, simply click on the download icon.



Then the downloaded 3D model will appear in your resource panel for you to use.



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