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How To Start A New Project

Posted on 08-01-2021 by MAD Gaze


To build a new project, log in to Simple AR, and click on Add Projects button to start.


Select your project mode accordingly.
To create an AR SLAM project. Please select AR mode -> Space Recognition, and then select Blank project to start with.



You can name your project accordingly at the project info textbox, key in suitable description, and upload a customized project thumbnail.



Switch on AR Kit/ Core to enable 3D space recognition feature. Switch on GPS and key in the desired GPS location to enable the location toggle feature.



To build a project with AR Target (Marker), please make sure you have an image file in JPEG (.jpg) format as AR Target. Then start the project with AR mode > AR Target.


Upload the image using the upload button. Your uploaded AR Target will be automatically rated in stars indicating if it's easy to be recognized.



To build a VR project, select the project mode: VR > Blank project.



An AR Target is not required for a VR project, however, you have to upload a Panorama Image (360 Image in jpg format), or a Panorama Video (mp4 format) to begin the project.



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