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Homepage Introduction

Posted on 08-01-2021 by MAD Gaze


Simple AR main page:



1. Add project: Click to create a new project

2. Account info: Access account information

3. Sort: Click to switch the view of your project, and to sort your project by types

4. Published space: All your published projects will be shown here. You can also drag a project here to publish

5. Your published project: Your project can be managed here, such as rename, delete, adjust project visibility, and project data analysis

6. Unpublished space: All projects shown here are unpublished and will not be shown in the Simple AR App




Add project:


Click on the Add Project button.


1. Switch your project mode between AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality)


2. Switch your AR project mode between marker recognition (AR Target) or SLAM (Space Recognition) mode


3. Create a project with a preset template


4. Name your new project


5. Upload a customized project thumbnail


6. Upload and select an AR Target (marker)


7. Toggle on and off for GPS recognition: On: Your project can only be view at the selected location. Off: Project can be viewed anywhere






You can change to view your projects in thumbnail or list



The projects can be hidden or displayed by selecting the desired project types.



Published and unpublished projects:


You can publish your project by dragging and dropping the project to the published space, or hide it by dragging and dropping it to the unpublished space. By saving your project, it will be automatically stored in the unpublished area. You have to move the project to the published area in order to allow your audience to view them with the Simple AR App.


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